Maternity Wear

When you are pregnant, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the ways that your life is changing. You are tired, hormonal and your favourite pants do not fit anymore! In today’s challenging economy, many expecting mothers do not have an unlimited budget for maternity wear. However, it is possible to be both comfortable and stylish during pregnancy without spending a fortune. After all, you need to have money left over to buy all of those adorable baby clothes!

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The first key to affordable maternity wear is to buy basic pieces that can be used in numerous outfits. For instance, you cannot overestimate the importance of a comfortable, stylish pair of maternity jeans. You can dress up the jeans with a dressy top and necklace for a dinner out, and you can pair the jeans with a long, comfortable T-shirt when you are out running errands. Although the brightly-patterned maternity pants can be trendy and tempting, you are better off spending your money on pants that are a lot more versatile.

Before you were pregnant, you likely had a favourite black dress that you have worn over and over. The little black dress will be even more useful now that you are expecting. Visit your favorite maternity store and look for mid-length, solid color dresses. I am partial to the classiness of a black dress, but any neutral color will do. A dress with an empire waist is particularly flattering, and this shape will allow you to wear the dress as your waistline continues to expand. Choose a dress that is knee-length. A floor-length dress is too formal for most occasions, and a shorter dress is not appropriate for office situations. Once you find the perfect dress, you can dress it up with accessories, or dress it down with comfortable sandals.

You can also save money on maternity clothing by not being picky about brand names or store names. Designer maternity clothes are impressive, but most people who see you will never look at the designer label. You can increase your variety of maternity clothes by shopping at various stores. Check out maternity stores, discount stores and online retailers. There is also a large variety of used maternity clothing available. Since maternity clothes are normally only worn for a few months at a time, you can find used maternity wear in like-new condition. Used clothing is a great way to stretch your maternity apparel budget.