Plus Size Clothing

In recent years, women shopping for plus size clothing had few options for stylish, quality clothing. Finally, major fashion labels have realised the value in catering to the plus size market.

The additional options available make shopping for plus size clothing more fun and less stressful. Taking note of certain plus size clothing shopping tips leads to smart purchases of clothing that will be worn often.

When purchasing plus size jeans, the best option is purchasing jeans in a straight leg or with a slight flare in the leg. Wearing jeans with a heel elongates legs, creating a slimming look. Jeans should fit well without being too baggy. Baggy jeans do not complement any figure. They add the appearance of extra pounds and create a sloppy, unpolished look.

Purchasing baggy tops is also a fashion mistake. Some women mistakenly believe a baggy top minimises bust size or hides extra pounds. Wearing tops in a size or two larger than needed also creates an unkempt look and does not flatter a woman’s curves.

Selecting shirts a size too small must also be avoided. Shirts fitting too tight cling to the body and often ride up in the front or back. Most importantly, poorly fitting tops are uncomfortable.

Accessories dress up solid colour plus size clothing. Prints should not be completely avoided but should be selected with care. While horizontal stripes are rarely a good choice, wide vertical stripes are not always flattering to a plus size frame. Small floral prints and pin stripes are ideal for those seeking printed styles.

Feeling comfortable and confident in clothing is the most important consideration to make when purchasing clothing for any occasion. Looking good equates to feeling good regardless of size. Thankfully, cooperative retailers and designers are making plus size clothing shopping easier than ever.